About Idea Dice


A.J. Stewart, fiction writer “Mia Zachary’s Writing Blocks® are a writer’s dream come true.  They’re the perfect tool for beginning a new story or helping plot out of the sagging middle.  Not only do they help you figure out where your story is going, they help you understand what doesn’t work.”

12 Blocks – Over 2 BILLION IDEAS

Our job as writers is to show the made-up life of interesting people just as something unusual happens, the ways they handle the new situation and how their life is or isn’t changed afterward. Writing Blocks Idea Dice® are a fun, easy to use tool that will spark your creativity and help you reconnect with your imagination.

In ‘Hero With a Thousand Faces’, his study of world narrative tradition, Joseph Campbell discovered that myths are basically the same story retold in infinite variation. Film maker Christopher Vogler shaped Campbell’s idea into a famous memo to the executives at Disney and later into his book “The Writer’s Journey”. And now Mia Zachary has developed a new path to the mythic Hero’s Journey in the form of portable, interactive and adaptable Writing Blocks Idea Dice®.

How the Writing Blocks® Work

The sets of Writing Blocks Idea Dice® are presented in 6 primary colors, each with a specific clarity, purpose and theme and each one has multiple functions.

  • Roll them by yourself, or with friends or other writers.
  • Roll them all at once or in combinations.
  • Roll two or three Writing Blocks® for 36- 216 ways to brainstorm a brand new story.
  • Rolling 6 Writing Blocks® at once gives you up to 46,556 plot solutions.
  • See the companion guidebooks for specific instructions on rolling up to 2,176,782,336 story ideas.

(7 Minutes)

Start by rolling up a hero/ protagonist or by rolling a story premise — six of the Writing Blocks® focus on Character, the other six on Action. For example, grab the white Archetype Block™, the yellow Motivation Blocks™ and the green Challenge Blocks™. Now create a situation your hero can’t easily get out of that will have your readers eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Idea Dice™ Aren’t Just for Stories

Use them for Journaling, Memoirs, Essays, Speeches -Toastmasters, Improv Acting – Charades, Role Playing Games and so much more – anytime you need to be Creative.