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Character and Plotting with Guidebook (FREE Domestic Shipping)

CHARACTER Writing Blocks Idea Dice® SET includes:

Archetype I – solid white
Archetype II – solid gray
Situation – solid yellow
Motivation – clear yellow
Evaluation – solid purple
Conflict – clear green

example: Professor, Leader
example: Outcast, Rebel
example: Driven, Stuck
example: Regret, Debt
example: Habit, Attitude
example: Wants, Because

PLOTTING Writing Blocks Idea Dice® SET includes:

Catalyst – solid green
Challenge – solid red
Escalation – clear red
Reaction – solid blue
Decision – clear blue
Emotion – clear purple

example: Change, Loss
example: Crisis, Mistake
example: Twist, Entrap
example: Avoid, Confront
example: Divide, Shift
example: Panic, Anger

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Master Set ONLY $39.99 (FREE Domestic Shipping)

Includes both the Character and Plotting Sets, all 12 Writing Blocks Idea Dice® and digital guidebook


Dice of any kind are a choking hazard to young children and small pets.   Please store your Writing Blocks® responsibly.

Return Policy

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love your Writing Blocks Idea Dice®.  However, we understand that slight damage can, on rare occasion, happen during shipping.  Send back any damaged Blocks and we’ll replace them for you.  Email for the mailing address.