Our Story

Our Story

Creative Vision Developer
Mia Zachary

In September 2010, I was feeling stuck, panicked and frustrated with the eighth draft of a new manuscript.  Maybe it was the new-to-me genre; perhaps confusion over what I wanted the book to say, or the Life that kept interrupting any kind of flow to my writing. Whatever the reason(s), I needed help with this latest bout of writer’s block.  And, that’s when it hit me– writer’s block… writing blocks… Writing Blocks Idea Dice®.

Over the next two years, I designed, revised, tested and corrected, then redesigned each Block until I felt I’ve made the set the best it could be.  I’m really proud to finally be able to share this tool will other storytellers and offer you Creative Inspiration at Your Fingertips©.

The Writing Blocks® are a fun, easy to use tool that will spark your creativity and help you reconnect with your imagination.

Writing is so intensely personal- everything on each page has to come from the heart. However, we can’t create from nothing and struggling with the obstacles Life all too often throws in front of us only makes writer’s block worse.

I understand that. I’ve been exactly where you may be- Blocked. Despite all my years of writing, writer’s block happened to me at some point in every one of my manuscripts.

A group of non-writers creating a story using
The Wiring Blocks Idea Dice.

But it won’t happen anymore.

The idea for the The Writing Blocks Idea Dice® helped reconnect me with the joy of writing and, more importantly, has already allowed me to help other frustrated authors and aspiring writers.

This isn’t just a product.  It’s a Solution that will spark your imagination every time.