Early Product Reviews

“People think the muse for a writer is to get an idea. For me, it’s maintaining the idea long enough to create an entire book – avoiding the dreaded “sagging middle” that stops an editor or agent’s attention, especially with longer novels. The Writing Blocks Idea Dice® have seen me through this, over and over … making it fresh and new and different.”
—Lisa Chaplin, multi-published author

“This is a great product. I’m planning to give Writing Blocks Idea Dice® to the Reading Teachers at the beginning of the [next school] year to promote vocabulary development and improve writing skills… I can see these being used in schools across the nation.”
— Dr. Joey Jones, Principal, Robert Frost Middle School

“I guard my Writing Blocks® like dragon treasure! Plotting is NOT my strength & there’s SO many options here… They help without boxing me in.”
— Dee Tenorio, multi-published author

“My favorite thing about the Writing Blocks® is…absolutely everything. I think it is cool to roll the dice and make something happen. I wish my teachers had a set of these.”
— Brandon Case, age 10

“Mia Zachary’s Writing Blocks® are a writer’s dream come true. They’re the perfect tool for beginning a new story or helping plot out of the sagging middle. Not only do they help you figure out where your story is going, they help you understand what doesn’t work.”
— A.J. Stewart, writer

“I *love* them. The Writing Blocks® are really getting my ideas flowing! What a great idea– I would highly recommend them for idea generating and just plain fun…”
— Kimberley Kincaid, award-winning writer whose debut series just sold.

“At first you think they’re just going to be fun, but then you’re inspired with so many ideas! I was already creative, but the Writing Blocks® just help me get in the zone faster. I think they’re pretty amazing ♥.”
— Jennifer Dougherty, age 16