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Even if you set with the moon, you have to remember to rise with the sun as it does, day after day. The sun waits for no one, we shouldn’t be forced to either. You may wait if you choose, but you might miss the most important moments, Right In Front Of You

Return to Normality

We never know what we are missing until one day, It’s just gone. We took for granted, the freedom of fresh air. We took for granted, the freedom of unmasked walks. We took for granted, the freedom of loved ones all around. Make time for all things, when we get back to Normality.

About Me

I’m a new college student who honestly has been writing all night, and I really wanted to share my writing with others, and hopefully others will be able to share their own writing with me. I would love to hear the stories, both true and fantasized, that people are holding onto. My hope is thatContinue reading “About Me”

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